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We are the Authorised Europa Filter distributer for India having very good geographical and commercial accessibility throughout the nation. The company is founded & promoted by Mr. Sukumar Nambiar who has over two decades of project execution and market experience in India and abroad. Our expertise includes Oil Maintenance Technology and Renewable Energy Consultancy. We provide total solutions in the Project Cycle. We undertake design, detail engineering, planning, procurement, execution, commissioning and maintenance after sales services. We are gravely working to comprehend our vision, which brings significance to our valuable customers.

Green Eclipse Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is committed to preserve excellence throughout our business conduct. We strive to reveal by building our image with safety, cutting edge technology, quality, team work and esteem support to our clients.

Save our natural resources by adopting excellent technology

Sukumar Nambiar, CEO at "Green Eclipse Technologies India Pvt.Ltd

We believe some criteria which will help us to build 100% satisfied clients, prosperity of our team and reputation of company.

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EF 2100

The EF2100 Systems are offline units which means that a small amount of oil is taken from a tank or continuously bypassed from a main ring line, cleaned in the OCS and then returned as clean oil into the oil system/machine concerned.


EF 2115

The EF2115 Systems are made with the best hydraulic oil cleaning capabilities available in the market. Most oil filters can filter down to between 2 and 5 micron (which is where ISO and NAS standards end), but studies have shown that 70% of particles in oil in weight terms are smaller than 1 micron. Our unique and patented capillary filtration system absorbs water effectively and removes the majority of solid particles which are harmful to the machine down to 0.1 μm and below.


Engine Oil Cleaning System

The 0.1 micron Europafilter witch is analogous to a human kidney, is excellent to use as a kidney to a machine, making the lubricant cleaner and cleaner during full production with your equipment. Simply connect the pump suction to the lowest point of the oil reservoir, usually the drain. Ultra Cleaned oil is returned as far away as possible within the oil tank.